Friday, September 16, 2016


"Sometimes all you can do is NOT think, NOT wonder, 
NOT imagine, NOT obsess.
Just BREATH and have FAITH because 
MIRACLES do happen." -unknown

It seems to me that so many of my posts are about how hard life can be and not enough about the beautiful moments happening all around us.  I feel there are times in our life where we can feel like we are suffocating from the pain...but I am slowly seeing that even then, MIRACLES are happening.

There truly are times of our lives where we are put into the darkness so that we can ultimately find the light and be grateful for it.  I feel we are sometimes asked to do things that don't seem fair or even possible.  We are asked to go to a place of deep hurt and struggle and I believe we are sometimes left there to fight on our own, even if for a moment.

When we are in these places of darkness and hopelessness, what are we to do?  Where are we to turn?  If there was only a way?  Oh, but there may not be easy but just try to remember this:

"It is NOT possible for you to 
sink lower than the infinite LIGHT of
-Jeffery R Holland

Our Savior and Redeemer has already been there for us.  He has passed through all of our sins and all of our pain so that we may lean on Him in the darkness of our terrible nights. 

He is our star in the night, our sun that rises, our LIGHT in our deep dark nothingness. 

I will tell you though, coming to this knowledge during our time with L has been a long and difficult road.  And some days I feel like I am crying out and no one is listening.  It ultimately takes practice and FAITH.

But as I have worked at it by studying my scriptures and praying (ALWAYS) and really focusing on those commandments and sins I struggle with, my eyes have been opened to see that truly God and our Lord and Savior are ALWAYS WITH US. 

There are MIRACLES all around us.  Each and every day.

Over the course of one week I have seen the hand of GOD in my life.  With the goodness of our L's school directors to the seemingly worldly task of finishing our basement, we have been truly blessed with MIRACLES. I want to share a post I made for my other RAD families on FB:

-In working with L's therapist and school to help our L improve, we have started to build a new and smaller room for L in our basement. We basically cut a room in half, making it a pretty small space. (having DCFS called on RAD parents because of their therapy is common so we are always fearful of opening up about this unique therapy) (So) In creating this room, I started to be concerned about our contractor and the inspector and how they might react. I prayed about it and felt I just needed to be honest and open with the contractors.  They have been amazing and have done their best to work with us without judgment. I was then worried about the inspection, I prayed again and was hopeful that everything would go well, and to our relief it did. In fact a beautiful miracle happened, as our contractor explained to the inspector that we had a child with special needs and a smaller room will help her heal, the inspector said he understood completely, as he had to do the same thing for his daughter with schizophrenia!  The inspector passed our inspection without question and we can now move forward without fear.  Miracles happen around us all the time.  God does know and love us. 

While our L continues to dig her heals in, Flavio and I will keep hoping and praying for the miracle of our L's healing.  We know along the way we have been helped by family, friends, and even those who are new to our lives.  I want to thank all of you who have been understanding and loving during this time for our family.  

If you are PRAYING about it.

GOD is WORKING on it.

Lots of love,