Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Unprinted Generation

I have, of late, only been blogging about our journey with our daughter Lia.  While she does take up an insane amount of my time daily in both thought and action I do try to keep up with other areas in my being photography.

As I have been very busy with all that we have going on I have cut back A LOT on how many sessions I do and how often I go out to take pictures.  But photography will always be a HUGE part of who I am.

There is something, however, that I read a few weeks back that made an enormous impact on me.  In fact, I flat out panicked.

The article was about how our children and our children's children will become "the forgotten century". While we as mothers, fathers, and grandparents post millions of pictures and funny quotes daily of our children all over social media we are not truly documenting anything.  These digital memories will fade into what he calls an "information black hole" when our computer breaks down or gets too old....unless we take other steps to preserve them.

I remember when I was little one of my favorite things to do was look through old photographs of myself and my family.  With me, being a photographer, who has taken literally thousands of pictures of my children and they have yet to be able to go through their own book of pictures!  Until now.  I decided to print all of my favorite photos of my kids that I've taken over the years...this took me a few days to filter through all the photos...but I did it and the panic finally went away.  I now have the daunting task of putting the pictures in a book (about 700) so my kids will be able to flip through the pages of themselves as babies and look back at their happy childhood...but once it is done, it will be SO worth it to me.

There are a few other options out there to help us make our digital world a touchable one.  One of my favorite apps is, Chatbooks using Instagram.  They send me a book after every 60 pictures I take on Instagram.  It has been a great way to keep our everyday memories alive without me feeling the need to scrapbook...because frankly I just don't have the time or desire.  There also TONS of easy ways to put your pictures straight into book form so you can have it all done without the hassle of putting millions of pics into those little plastic covers.

I also, as a photographer, say put pictures of your family on your walls.  I love going into the homes of people I've taken photos of to see their pictures displayed on their walls!  Knowing that I've helped them create a memory that will last for this life, gives me a sense of pride but it also makes me happy knowing that they will have these treasures for their life.  So I urge people to print pictures off of the CDs that you get from your photographers...otherwise you just bought a very expensive CD.  If you can, back that CD up on your computer so you don't lose your images if you happen to lose your CD or if it gets ruined.  (photographers can't keep all their files forever)

For me pictures are a BIG deal.  Walking by and seeing my childrens' faces on our walls makes me smile every day.  Keep your memories fresh by printing those digital files!  Even if they end up in an old shoe box at least you know you'll have something to look through once your kids are grown and gone.

Here is the article I read:

Lots of love,