Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rice Krispy Perfection

You know that commercial where the beautiful, skinny mom with perfect hair and her well dressed kids with cute hair are making Rice Krispy treats together?  They are laughing and having fun and having a wonderful mother and children moment.  The Rice Krispys look so yummy and there are hugs and love all around.  It makes you smile.  It makes you want to do the same thing....

Now picture a mom in sweat pants, hair all crazy from not sleeping well the night before, her kids still in their jammies at 3:00 in the afternoon, no one's hair is done, just pulled back out of their face.  Mom decides to have one of those "magical mommy moments"  But as she is bringing out the Rice Krispy cereal the two oldest are fighting over who gets to do what, while the 2 year old is on the ground screaming because frazzled mom won't give her another marshmallow...
After a huge mess and a some burnt marshmallow Rice Krispy treats sitting in a pan, two kids are in time out and the 2 year old is still screaming, this mom wonders what she did wrong?

The answer to that is: nothing...she lives in the real world.

I find that I compare myself and my life to these unattainable perfect depictions of life.  I see almost every mother around me doing a better job than I do.  I see the perfect skinny mom, the well done hair mom, the stylish (with stylish kids) mom, the "got it all together" mom, the creative and crafty mom, the seemingly amazingly patient mom and last but not least the, super, duper fun mom....and I think to myself, I am not any of these.

Which is isn't true.

We all have our moments.  We all will feel defeated, fat, ugly, hopeless, helpless, unqualified and unfit to be moms.  I loved this article I read today: 

It really made me think.

I only expect perfection out of a few people in my life: me and my kids...and my husband, most days ;)

I allow everyone else around me to make mistakes and learn from them.  I forgive (usually easily) and move one.  But with myself and my kids...mistakes are not allowed.

I'm not sure why this is...but I know it needs to stop now.

I hope that over this next year, I will be able to allow my kids to grow, to fail, to play more, to be more silly, to spend more time with them and to not expect perfection in any of us.  I hope that this New Year will bring a new found contentment of what life holds.  No one is perfect and no one can be perfect, only our Savior was able to attain perfection.  I hope to be more like Him, in that He did not expect perfection out of anyone He loved, He just loved them.

Lots of love,