Monday, April 15, 2013

Imaging Yourself....

The idea of how we see ourselves is something we don't talk about a lot.  However, it is definitely something we all think about, or better said, worry about often.  As women, we tend to see our faults rather than our positives.  We want what we don't have, we hope to be what we can't.  As women we try to mimic "other" women's beauty by how we dress, do our hair, work out and even sometimes with surgery.   

I remember all too well not feeling pretty growing up.  Feeling left out when the "popular" girls didn't seem to notice me or include me.  When the "rich" girls made fun of my Kmart clothes or Payless shoes.  When I was made fun of because I have too many freckles or because I was too tall.  When I didn't get asked to a dance or turned down for a girl's choice dance (yes, that really happened).  Our self image is very fragile at that time.  And while I have matured and have come to realize what "they" may have said or not said is not true or does not truly reflect who I am, those memories are still with me.  

They helped to shape my self image.

But, not necessarily for the bad.

I am now not oblivious to the pain low self image can cause. I can help my own children have confidence in not only how they look, but how they treat others.

And I am sure I am not alone.

For those of you out there with low self image or if you want your daughter to understand that how the world (the grown up world) sees her is usually very different from how she sees herself,
please watch this amazing piece about how we should try to change our own self image.

It is so worth your time!

Lots and lots of love,

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