Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The letter "i" is tantrum causing....

Every night, Flavio and I read to to our children both all together and then each child gets one book of their choice alone with mom or dad.  Tonight, Flavio was gone for his church calling so I was left on duty.  The night was going well until it was Lia's turn to read.  

Lia is going through a phase where she wants to learn to read.  This is exciting, I know, however teaching a gifted child anything can be...well, it can be very difficult.  Lia can memorize anything.  I will read one simple book to her and the next night she can say it all back, perfectly.  Unfortunately she thinks this is reading.

So we have been working on our letters.  She knows almost all of the sounds.  So we have been doing simple combinations.

Tonight, while working on this, she said she forgot the sound of "i".  Which of course is fine, but I let her work it out a little.  Then she said it right.  But forgot it again when she needed to combine it with "n" for "in".  I told her she had just said it and she needed to try again...and then she flipped.  So I left.  Well her little tantrum continued as I went to read with Hannah and what you are about to see is after about 3 minutes of this tantrum.

She hates it when I video tape her.  This usually makes her stop.  But not tonight.  This is just a small portion of the video which continued for 3 more minutes until she finally stopped and used her breathing tool to calm down.

This is very typical for my day.  She throws usually one or two of these a day (this one was extra long).  Having a gifted child, while exciting is, for the most part, very difficult.  

She cries more than my two year old and baby combined.  Hands down.

I love my Lia.  


...She is the child that has me on my knees the most.
She is the child that tests my strength, daily.
She is the child I worry about constantly.
She is the child that makes motherhood harder than I could ever imagine.

I hope one day, she will know this.
And know, 
every prayer, 
and punishment 
was done out of love.

lots of love,
A very worn out mother 

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