Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Little Warm Water

Okay, so I will say that I am a little upset that I didn't know this with my first or second child.  I remember Hannah having tummy troubles when she was very small and I didn't know any tricks of the trade.

I would try to sooth her and help her all that I could, but she pretty much just had to work it out on her own.  

Then we had Lia, and I learned that there was something called Mylicon.  This is a wonder solution, you give your newborn a couple of drops and it works almost every time for their little gas pains and issues.

But there are those times that is doesn't work.

Then Eva came along and the Mylicon didn't work as well.  Luckily, I was able to talk with a very experienced mother when Eva was having a very hard time and she shared a piece of "gold" info with me.  

 And I feel that this piece of "gold" needs to be shared.  

The other night, Jared was having a very hard time and nothing was working.  So I decided to use this amazing piece of advice: "give him 2 ounces of very warm water".  The water needs to be REALLY warm, but...
PLEASE, PLEASE make sure it isn't too warm.

Yep, that is it.  Very warm water.

So, I got the bottle just right in temp, by testing it on my wrist and went right to work.

Jared was a little shocked with the temp, but drank it right down with a look of, "Thank you" on his face.  His tummy was soothed immediately, he was able to pass that all too uncomfortable gas that plagues so many little ones and went right to sleep.

Baby was calm and mommy was happy.

Both were then able to go back to sleep.

lots of love,

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