Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Own Love Story

Nine years ago today, Flavio and I were married in the Utah, Bountiful Temple.  We were surrounded by our family and friends and it was a glorious day!
Those nine years have brought us so many changes.

We went from this... this, in nine short years :)

With jobs and job losses, new homes and health issues, with deaths in the family and deaths of our friends, degrees in school, callings in our church and most of all, with our trial of infertility and the miracles of our girls, we have been tried and tested, we have laughed and cried, but we have done it together and Flavio, you have only made me stronger.

What a journey it has been.  With all the ups and downs there is no one else I would rather travel this journey with.  I love you, Flavio Martins.  You are my rock, my shoulder to cry on, you make me laugh and you are there when I cry.  You are my best friend.

Nine years of love, joy, hardship and trial...
...and I can't wait for the rest of our story to unfold!

One of my favorite Disney shows is, UP.  It is such a beautiful love story, and it reminds me of Flavio and me. :)  
I hope our love story will prove to be just as sweet.

Here is a clip from the movie:


Lots of love,


  1. Thank you!!! What a wonderful journey it's been so far. I can't wait to see the rest.

  2. Many happy years to you both! I didn't know you were married in the Bountiful temple - awesome! We were too - one of our favorite places.

  3. Well, 3 for 3 so far on making me cry. :) Happy anniversary you two!