Sunday, November 25, 2012

Putting on Hats...

The other morning, my amazing, adorable Lia was eating breakfast while wearing this hat.  

It made me smile.  

She brightened my day by the simple fact that she didn't care what anyone else thought, she just wanted to wear a fun, blue, yellow and smiley faced hat while eating her fruity cheerios.

Lia is still at an age where "what people think" doesn't really cross her mind before she does something.  She wanted to wear this silly hat, and so she did.

That got me thinking, when did I stop putting on my silly hats?  

When do we, in life, give up being a child, and begin putting away the child inside us?

I read this quote and though it may seem a little harsh, I believe there is truth there: 

“When we are no longer children we are already dead” 

I think I am going to try harder to put on my silly hats...and enjoy each moment as we should.

Lots of love,

What are some fun things you still do to bring out the "child" in you?


  1. wear hats. leave my house in sweatpants and sandals adn socks. wear bright mismatching colors. dancing in public and singing opera at the top of my lungs, used to be a regular activity. (no joke, but everyone already knew I was crazy so they never reacted to that sort of thing)

    1. Love you! I hope you will always be true to yourself!