Monday, October 8, 2012

How much "family time" do we spend?

My late grandpa had a PhD  in English/literature.  His love for learning, school and his work was inspiring.  I had the great honor of interviewing him a few years before his death.  I was able to make a book for each one of my grandparents using interviews and journals.  These are treasured memories and items that I will always have and I will never regret spending my time doing them.

As I was interviewing my Grandpa, he talked of his life with both love and regret.  He talked with pride when it came to his pursuit of a higher education and how he was able to live his dream of being a professor of English at Weber State College (now University).  However, he sadly shared his regret, that his schooling, and his career kept him from spending quality time with his family, especially his children.  As a mother of only one, and being a stay-at-home mom I couldn't empathize with his regret. 

As time has gone on, my grandfather has passed and time has a whole other meaning.  I can now see how life's busyness can keep us from spending the "time" our family really needs.  The monotony of life, creates an invisible wall.  We are in our kids presence, but are we present with our kids?  I find myself at home doing housework, reading, going to the store, watching a show, fixing meals, or anything else that keeps me busy.  I am home all day with both Lia and Eva and find that I may go a whole day without really spending any time with them.  Sure I am there in person, but my attention tends to be elsewhere.

Thinking of this scared me, I don't want to regret my time I have with my kids.  One day they will be gone.  One day I will look back and wonder what I did with my time.  Will I remember the clean house I had or the times I made my kids giggle?  Will I think I was super-mom because everyone always had clean clothes and their homework done, or because I sat and talked with them about their day and helped them with their life's problems?  

Time is precious.  

I am just starting to see this.

Take time out for your family.

Leave those things that can wait, until tomorrow.

Let your kids and spouses come first.

So when you look back at your life you will not have any regrets in regards to your family.  

They are the only part of our life that we can take to heaven with us. 

lots of love,

What are some fun things you do with your kids and family?


  1. Written especially for me! Thanks you so much for the reminder.

    1. Love you! But it was written for me :)

  2. Gracie and I play iPad/iPhone together. I open and App and she closes it. Then I open another App and she closes it. She thinks this is the greatest game.

    1. Love it! It doesn't matter what we do, as long as they have fun!

  3. Niki, this is a topic that has been on my mind lately...I think two of the hardest parts for me about giving my time to my kids is not getting things checked off my checklist (which is something that fulfills me) and also not worrying about other people's opinions, like when they come over to visit and our house is messy or dusty or whatever. But I agree with you, it's so sweet to spend those moments with them listening or playing or laughing, and I also realized that when my house was regularly clean, my boys were watching A LOT of TV. Like, an inordinate amount. I'm looking for the balance, it can be really hard to find!
    Another great topic!

  4. Ditto to Aimee's whole comment. Reminds me of the quote, "Pardon the mess - my kids are busy making memories." Or something like that. While being productive is great, I think we need to realize that an afternoon spent playing with the kids is a much more important accomplishment than cleaning the house, or catching up on Facebook, or pretty much anything else. :)