Saturday, October 6, 2012

Get in the picture...

If you are like me, you do not like getting your picture taken.  I am so much happier behind the lens then I am in front of it.  I am not sure why this is.  Why are we, women, so hard on ourselves?  What are we expecting from ourselves?  I am not sure there is an absolute answer to this question.  But here is my take.

I want you to think of the women in your life, your mom, your sister, your best friend, your daughter or an aunt, your grandmother.  What do you think of her?  Is she beautiful?  When you see pictures of her, do you cringe and think, how does she live with herself?  I am guessing all of you would say, NO.

If this is the case, then what do we think people really see in us?  When a picture is taken, do others close their eyes from blindness, are they running to the toilet to heave this-morning's breakfast (okay sorry, that was a little overboard)?  But I think we can all say that, no, they don't.  When I have a picture taken of myself and both my husband (who thinks I am beautiful by the way) and I are looking at it, we see two very different things.  I see how I wish my jaw was more defined and my eyes weren't so crooked.  I see that one ear is poking out of my hair which makes my hair look thin and my ears look big.  I see big teeth and a long skinny face. And most of all, I see how fat I think I am.

On the other hand, what my husband sees is, pretty eyes, a beautiful smile, long shiny hair, nice skin, and as he says, a beautiful body, and then he sees something even more, he sees his wife, the mother of his children, my spirit, my love for him, his best friend, his soulmate.  When you look at a picture of someone you love, you see them.  You see their light, their love, their humor and all the good that they hold for you.

So when it is your turn to stand in front of a camera for a family picture or a family trip, outing or just to have fun with your kids, be self-confident that no one will see you the way you see yourself, and if you can, try not to be so hard on yourself.  I am talking to all you wives, sisters, mothers, friends and daughters out there, and I am asking you to get in the picture.  Be present in your families lives.  When you are gone, this is what they will hold on to, the pictures of you with them will help them not forget how much you mean to them.  Your face will never be forgotten.  And more then that, the memories you made with them won't either.

My family will always have these...they will see that I loved them, no matter what the future holds. 
Because I got in the picture!

In a picture, your smile will live on forever!

I was inspired by this article in the Huffington Post:  It too will help you see why getting in the picture is so important!

Tell me your thoughts on getting your picture taken.  What are some of your favorite memories you were able to capture?


  1. I read that article a couple of weeks ago and have been thinking about it a lot. Even though I don't have kids yet, I am the one who's usually behind the camera, and therefore there aren't many photos of me. Which was just fine by me. :) But since reading the article, I've been thinking about how true it is that you just want to be able to look back and remember exactly how life was - the good, the bad, and the "ugly." :) My mom has always HATED being in pictures, and it makes me sad that when I go back and look at pictures, it feels like she just wasn't around. I love this pin on Pinterest about 50 pictures to take with your kids:

    1. I loved that Pin! Thanks for sharing :)