Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Exercising your right to....

...Feel great!!!!

I will admit, I am not a great self motivator.  I could win the Olympic sport of procrastinating, if there was one.  Needless to say, getting going on my exercise routine hasn't been the most consistent part of my life.  

I will say my real motivation died out when we found out we were not able to have kids.  Before, I got married and had a full time job and became obsessed with having a baby, I could go out and run seven miles without any problem.  But when we found out about our infertility issue, I fell into a sort of depression, although I didn't know it at the time, and life kind of lost all meaning.  Once we got on track to do IVF, it made it even harder for me to get motivated because of all the hormones and such.  Now, experts say that if you want to get pregnant, being in shape helps.  If your BMI or Body Mass Index is high which calculates whether you are normal, overweight or obese, your chances of getting pregnant go down.  Here is a link to see where you stand: http://www.aicr.org/reduce-your-cancer-risk/weight/tools_bmi_calculator.html

Luckily, I was still in the normal range, but I was hovering on the edge.  

Once we got pregnant with Hannah, because she was an IVF baby, I was not allowed to do any strenuous exercise.  They didn't want my heart rate to stay above 90 for any long period of time. This limited my workouts a ton.  She was considered a high risk pregnancy due to our IVF treatment to get her.  So when I finally had Hannah, I started to exercise a little here and there, but once again, getting going seemed impossible.  But I did.  Both Flavio and I were able to do out first 5k together.  I had been through one more round of IVF, which didn't work and we had just adopted Lia. So it took me over a year to finally run that 3 miles, but I did it.  It was amazing.

The one thing that really got me going, however, was when I decided to join a Bootcamp in Eagle Mountain. What is a bootcamp you might say, well picture yourself being drilled by an army captain. 

You are just standing there minding your own business when this guy (or girl) starts telling you in a very firm voice to start doing sit-ups, after two minutes, he tells you turn over for some burpies (I will save that for another time) two minutes go by and you are now doing push-ups...and so and and so forth.  It was crazy hard.  But they make it work for every body type.  Changing your workout makes it so your body cannot become static...there is no plateauing when you are in bootcamp.

There are so many options out there, try biking, running, walking, swimming, jogging, a workout video, join a club, an exercise group, or a bootcamp...find something you enjoy and work hard.

Once you get over that first hill of being tired and sore and feeling like getting in shape will never happen, just keep pushing...I promise it will happen for you.

I am now getting back into shape after a long sabbatical with another round of IVF and having our last baby.  

But I am doing it.  And so can you!

And you will FEEL GREAT!

So lets do it together!  Please share ideas about exercising, diets, lifestyle changes.

Let's start with....

What is your favorite exercise and what keeps you motivated?


  1. I couldn't agree more - exercise is what keeps me sane! I struggle a lot with lack of motivation, but when I'm exercising consistently, I'm able to get SO much more done! During the summer we love to go to the high school and run the bleachers, and do sprints around the stairs. During the school year we go to the church. The 2 different sets of stairs are good for different muscles, and we do sprints on the sidewalk that circles the church. I have still never run a 5k (even on my treadmill), but I'm working up to it! :)

    1. I would love to do the stair thing with you next year! What a great idea!