Monday, October 22, 2012

Date Night

Okay, okay, I am sure you are thinking that I am going to discuss with you the importance of a "date night" with your hubbies.  Now, don't get me wrong, that IS important, but that is not to topic I had in mind for this post.  I want to discuss the importance and awesome opportunity we have (while our kids are young) to go out on a date night with our kids, individually.

Now, I am an only child, so you would think that everything I did with my parents felt like a date...well, not quite.  I do remember the family trips and going out to dinner every once in a while, but what I remember the best and am most fond of was the times my mom or dad planned something for just me and that parent.  For my birthday my mom would come and get me from school and take me out to lunch.  I always chose McDonalds, and every time I felt elated.  It was special.  It was just me and her.  Then there were the special motorcycle trips with my dad.  Just me and him, out on the open road for a couple of beautiful, fun filled days.  Again, it made me feel special, loved, and important.

Now picture doing this with kids that have siblings to share you with!  
Maybe the rivalry would slow down a bit....

I have been trying to take each of my children (well the two older ones) out separately once a month or alternating months.  I take them to dinner or an activity of some sort.  And when we are there together, just me and that child, their smile and joy is very apparent.

So my challenge to you today is to make time for each one of your kids separately.  You can make it a birthday tradition or trade off each month, if you have only a few kids they can get time with you each month.  But I have found that I only end up taking my kids out when I really sit down and plan something.  I mark it on the calendar.  One tip, (if they are very young) don't say anything until the day of, things come up and if your plans get squashed the disappointment is very apparent as well....

So go have a picnic, take a walk, go to a movie or out to dinner.  Find an art class or a hobby that you both like and share it together.  Your child will never forget the time he or she spent with just you.  And i know for a fact it helps them get along better with each other!  Go have fun and come back and tell us about what you did!

Do you have a favorite activity that you did with your parents or with your kids individually?
How did you feel? 

lots of love,


  1. Too often we only think about the big events, but it's the small ones, the ones that show that we're willing to put in time, effort, and attention even in the smallest things that matter the most.

  2. Love! And you're so right that they will always remember those special times with Mom/Dad.