Monday, October 1, 2012

A little time out

When I was little, I remember having an amazing imagination.  I am an only child, so I had a lot of alone time.  I would create these little worlds around me and I wouldn't be lonely any more.  Now that I am an adult, married and have three amazing little busy-bodies, I crave that time once in a while.  I love leaving reality for awhile and finding myself in another place and time.  There are a few ways I get, reading, exercise and music.

When I am out creating images with my photography, I get to use those imaginative skills and try to compose photographs that are full of color, light and smiles.  I did a little escaping yesterday as I went to get pictures of the amazing full moon.

I was able to work my manual mode on my camera to get, what I think, is a really nice shot of the moon. It took me about seven tries, but I finally found the right aperture, about F-32 and the right shutter speed 1/15 with my ISO at 160.

I took this next one right before a family photo shoot I was doing:
This one was a simple aperture priority mode at F-15.

Photography is a way for me to just be me.  To do something that allows me to be creative, to be alone and to improve a talent that I love to share.  Finding something that allows you to escape, whether it is from your kids, your husband, or even infertility or other areas in your life that are causing you pain or heartache, is so important.  Find a charity to help, find an art you love, play some music, take a college course, online or in your community, exercise, scrapbook, or make a craft, just find something that allows you to be you.

God has given us so many different talents, and when we are focused on our own grief or feeling too busy for ourselves, step back, and find the time and just do it.  If you don't take control of your own health, no one will.  I am a big believer that if we plan our days to include a little "me" time, our lives will be more enriching, our moods will be happier our burdens will feel lighter.  Take some time out for you, even when your kids are around.  Give them some "them" time in their rooms to play quiet or put on a movie so you can have some peace.  Forget about the laundry or dishes for just a few moments, so you can use your imagination to create or to read or to help others in need.  You are a daughter of God and he wants you to be strong and he wants you to work and develop your talents.  Go out and have fun!

What are some of your talents?

What ways do you get away? 


  1. This is so true! I love feeling fulfilled by doing something creative. I just got my first nice camera and have been having so much fun learning! Decorating is my drug of choice. Nothing beats finding something free or cheap, and transforming it into something beautiful. :)

    1. And your house is amazing! If you have any questions on the photography side, let me know!