Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sorting the Drama

We have three girls.  Growing up, I knew that girls = drama.  And I will be honest I got along better with boys.  I was never into the whole "girly" thing growing up.  I played sports, loved camping, hiking and the outdoors, I liked watching scary or action packed movies and I LOVED playing video games.

Needless to say, I was never really interested in having any girls.  I really just wanted boys.

I didn't want to deal with the hair, the fights, the crying and all the drama that comes with having girls.

And then infertility happened.

When we had our first ultrasound with Hannah, I was positive "she" was going to be a "he".  I felt like Bella in Twilight, when all I could picture was this little curly haired boy bouncing all around.

And just like Bella, I was wrong.

But, of course, I didn't care. All of the worry of dealing with a girl went out the window!  I was super excited!  We were having a baby girl!

Then our adoption time came, so many people wondered if we would ask for a boy...personally I didn't want to be the one to make that decision.  I figured God should be in charge.  So we waited and we waited and after two failed adoptions, which both happened to be girls...we got Lia...another girl :)

This last pregnancy was for sure going to be a boy.  This was our last baby.  I was done.  I was done with dealing with infertility, I just wanted to get it behind me already.  I have always felt that there is a boy coming to us...and this had to be him.  We went to the ultrasound tech and we waited, not long.  Before anyone could say anything he said, "She, looks great!".  To which Hannah stated, "But we wanted a boy!?"  We all laughed.  It felt right.  Our little Eva was snug in my belly and we would have three healthy, beautiful girls.  I couldn't have asked for more.

Now two years have passed.

There are a few things that I have found that are great when it comes to having three of the same gender, in our case, girls.  Toys go a long way.  I am becoming an expert at hair and styling their clothes.  Shopping for girls is really fun.  And having them all share clothes has been a great way to save a buck!  So today, I went through all of Hannah's and Lia's old clothes.

After sorting them last Spring, I put them in bins and waited for the next season.  Both Eva and Lia received full Fall and Winter wardrobes for zero dollars.  ZERO!  And the D.I. is getting a nice little load as well.  It is a lot of work for just one day, but it saved us a lot of money and Lia and Eva were so happy about their new, used clothes!  It was like Christmas Day :)

So if you are thinking the sorting and storing clothes is a pain, you are right, but if you want to save a little and you can...go for it!  It is totally worth it!


  1. You know what's funny? I always got along much better with boys, too. Most of my friends were boys because I had WAY too much drama with girls, over and over. Despite having lots of guy friends and brothers, I was VERY girly and sucked at sports. :) I wasn't too much into the outdoors. That said, I love scary movies, loved to play video games (still do, ha ha!), and love the X-Men/Spider-Man/Batman movies (thanks to watching the cartoons with my brothers when we were young). I hope to have a girl someday but I'll admit: the drama and hormones scare me! I am excited to do all the "boy" things with Ethan that I did with my brothers like playing video games, legos, matchbox cars, ninja turtles, etc. I'll leave the sports stuff to Brandon. :) God really does give us what is best for us and I am so grateful for my little boy. If I never have a girl I'll be a little sad about things I never got to do with a daughter...but I sure love my boy and boys are no stranger to me!

    1. That is awesome! You are right, God knows us way better than we know ourselves. Your little guy is lucky to have you as his mommy!