Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finding a little me time...and Super-Hero Status for Dads

I don't know about you, but finding a little "me" time can be somewhat of a task.  Between, the kids, the house and being a wife...I am booked.  Luckily, I have an amazing husband who feels that my "me" time is important.

Okay, go get your husband for this next will thank me for it later :)

I know a few hubbies out there, who don't feel that "me" time is important for women.  I am not sure why this is, as your wives work just as hard as you do, waking up early to get kids off to school, waking up in the night to calm fears or to feed, getting everyone ready and out the door, making lunches and breakfasts, cleaning up toys, clothes, dishes, garbage, food, and any other surprises that come along.  They are also in charge of discipline, laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, the kitchen, making dinner, vacuuming, dusting, homework, dinner and many other chores that most of us tried to avoid doing growing up.  

Also, there is a huge difference between a man who works away from home and a woman who works in the home...No Scheduled Vacation Time.  They don't even get weekends off!  And when the family does go on vacation, do you think the mother is really on vacation?  No, she is just doing her job in a smaller, cramped space with no kitchen and no toys and messed up sleeping schedules.   

I plead with all of you fathers and husbands out there, be okay with your wife going out with her friends.  Give her a break now and then.  Take the kids out (what kid wouldn't love an evening out with their dad, you might as well sign up for super-hero status). 

Let your wife have the house to herself to do the things she never gets to do in peace, watch a show in peace, eat what she wants without someone wanting to eat it with her, taking a nap, or just going for a walk.  If your wife is whole...your family will be too.  And I promise, if your wife feels will be better for you too!

Like I said before, I am so blessed to have a wonderful husband who knows and believes that my "me" time is important for me and for our marriage.  

He will take our girls out on dates to dinner, to the park, to a museum or just down stairs, so I can be by myself in my room.  That time away helps me recharge, refocus, and relax.  

So take the challenge wives, tell your husbands that "me" time will help everyone.  Help them understand that just like they need a break from their work, so do you!  And do it often!  Schedule a "me" time every two weeks or every week if you can.  

Good luck!  And I hope you can come back and tell me how it went!


  1. You can have your personal time ANYTIME! You deserve it!!!

  2. I'm grateful to have one of the good guys too. Jeff says, "Happy wife equals happy life."

    1. If every husband thought that, what a wonderful world it would be!

  3. This should be required reading - for both men and women. :)